"Real Clinicians. Real Research. Real Results."

Our motto is "Real Clinicians. Real Research. Real Results." This is a statement of fact and not a matter of crafty marketing. Zone Halo Research is comprised of real clinicians including a medical doctor, a registered dietitian and registered nurses. This brings an ethical and knowledgeable staff to your disposal as a client. We do not compromise our beliefs and always put the patient's and customer's health first. Our credentials, education and knowledge are unmatched and set a new standard in this industry. Our supplement designs are creative endeavors that exploit a distinct biochemical pathway, then delve into research using full studies, do the research, design, and testing - including in-house studies and blood work - to elicit incomparable results and transcendent sales. We are uncompromising in sourcing, purity of ingredients, exact doses in the forms and extractions. We are a name that both the client and the customer can trust for results, research and safety.

  • Putting patients and clients first

  • Unmatched credentials

  • Passion to help others

  • Transparency

  • Authenticity